We’re thrilled to have worked with OVO Energy on their DRTV ad to launch new Smart PAYG+ (which stands for Pay As You Go Plus) on 7thApril 2015.

Watch the ad

Created by: The SHARP Agency
Director: Chris Gaffey

Pain-free prepayments

Until now, people had to traipse to the shops with their meter key to add credit. Well, no more. OVO’s revolutionary Smart PAYG+ lets you top up prepay gas and electricity meters anywhere – at home or on the go – via their new smartphone app, online or text.

Switch to smart

It’s free to switch, the easiest way to prepay and a first to market. Plus the app is a game-changer. Seriously. It’s so smart, WIRED magazine instantly declared it an icon! Have a look here

OVO, based in Bristol, also launched Smart PAYG+ with the nation’s cheapest prepay energy prices – another reason why they’re a refreshingly likeable alternative to ‘the big six’ energy providers.

We’re sure people are going to love having the opportunity to do it here, there and everywhere… top up, that is.




Senior Copywriter