The change

My background is mainly client side working in Marketing at Asda, then a year with a shopper-marketing agency. This left me craving more of the agency life/work, which meant joining a fully integrated agency like SHARP was the perfect next step for me. Many of my client-side friends consider agencies to be the ‘dark side’ and have many times questioned my career move. However, having been on both sides of the fence my opinion is quite different.

The work

Coming in as an Account Manager on a global re-brand has been challenging but I have found myself very quickly immersed in the brands I’m working on (I think dreaming about logos is the key indicator). It’s exciting to be working on something which will have an impact on brand perception, awareness and then ultimately sales on a global scale.

Another huge deciding factor in my return to agency life is that rather than having one brand to consider and focus on with the same day-in-day-out challenges, there are numerous clients and brands to consider. This is a great way to broaden experiences and tackle various creative and strategic challenges on a daily basis – no two days are ever the same. The creativity and team spirit found at SHARP is also a welcome contrast to that of the corporate retail world I’ve found myself in previously.


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The life

It seems working for a creative agency opens you up to numerous ‘what my friends think I do vs what I actually do’ conversations:

  • They think we sit around drinking scotch with clients like an episode of Mad Men – I am yet to encounter any scotch drinking, tea on the other hand is in abundance!
  • We spend every week on glamorous TV shoots with celebrities – no celebrities have been harmed during the making of any of my work so far.
  • I have sole control over every piece of advertising they have ever received with comments such as “did you do this, it’s rubbish?” – No, I’m afraid I have never see that flyer you were just handed for 75p off dry cleaning.

Although the above may not necessarily be true, there certainly is a fast paced yet relaxed environment. The work is intense yet varied and there are much less of the hierarchical constraints often found in larger organisations, and we do also get to have a lot of fun along the way!

Kat Leeming

Kat Leeming

Account Director