Online cat videos and cat-vertising, as it’s become known, is big business for brands these days.

And 9 out of 10 of us probably watch at least one every Friday. Our student placement Maya has had a look back through time and picked ten top cats that have helped make brands famous. Meow!


1. Tony the Tiger  - Kellogg’s

Tony the Tiger has been the Frosties cereal mascot for Kellogg’s since 1951. By roaring out the slogan “They’re great!”, he helped the frosted flakes rise to the top of the cereal brand rankings – and stay there – since the early days.


2. Cats with thumbs – Cravendale

The Cravendale advert was a massive success from the off, as the world wondered… what would happen if cats had thumbs? Well, as it turned out, they’d want milk. Lots of milk. These flexible-pawed pioneers had only one mission in mind and they’d do anything to get it, helped along by their newly-opposable digits.



3. The Crusha cats – Crusha

Who doesn’t love dancing and singing cats? Or ones that can strum a double bass? Wacky as they are, they just want a fruity-flavoured Crusha milkshake. After watching these fluffy rock stars, so did the nation’s kids.



4. The Ikea cats – Ikea

Most of us have at least one piece of Ikea flat-pack furniture in our homes and this adorable cat-filled ad will have sold a few more sofas, beds, throws and bags of tea lights. As the camera followed the cats through the Ikea store, we got to see more of their extensive range than in previous ads. Watch it here.


5. Touch the cat – Skittles

Skittles’ comical YouTube video went viral with over seven million views. Why? Because everyone wanted to touch the cat and then go out and buy bags of the little rainbow-flavoured fruity sweets. See, cats are good for selling anything and everything.


6. Bagpuss – BBC

Bagpuss is a national treasure and no wonder. Despite being loose at the seams, this saggy old, baggy old, cloth cat was the poster boy of the BBC’s offering for kids and voted the best children’s TV programme of all time. Earlier in 2014, the Royal Mail featured him on one of their postage stamps to celebrate 12 kids’ classics.


7. Leo the Lion – MGM

What’s better than cats? Big cats. On the big screen. Everyone knows what Leo the Lion looks AND sounds like, with the golden-maned mascot having featured at the start of MGM’s films since 1924 – including Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind and Ben Hur. Seven different lions have played Leo’s role over the decades and the movie giant’s Las Vegas hotel and casino is a bit of a shrine to him; with a giant statue outside and real lions inside.


8. Felix – Felix

Felix is the playful (and hungry) mascot for Felix, the cat food company. He features in all of the brand’s adverts and his face smiles out at you from the packaging too. Cats like Felix like Felix, and that’s what makes him a memorable ambassador for the brand.


9. Be more dog – O2 

Phone company O2′s amusing ‘be more dog’ campaign was a massive hit. When cat videos were at their almighty peak, O2 swooped in with this advert and turned the trend on its head by throwing the notion that dogs are even better at us.


10. The cheshire cat – Disney

Disney’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll brought them almost instant fame, made in 1951 the film was a huge success and one of the most well loved characters of all time is indeed the Cheshire cat. The cat speaks lines purely to confuse Alice when she is already confused enough. Disney portrayed the feeling of confusion marvellously in this film. So maybe not a classic brand icon, but we love him so he made the list!



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